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Welcome to Mapplewell Primary School

Mapplewell Primary School

We provide excellence in learning; encourage a growth mindset
in all pupils and promote independence and motivation to succeed.

Yeti Class - Y4 & Y5

Our class consists of 31 pupils; 14 Year Four pupils and 17 Year Five pupils. In our class Miss Clark support us everyday to learn new, exciting and fun things. Mr Freeman also support us in our learning.  In Yeti Class we support and respect one another and know that we are a team. In class we often work in our learning partners using cooperation and communication to learn with one another. We are always up for a challenge, our class motto is: 

Keep checking our page to see what fun things we are up to!


PE- Our PE is on Monday. Please can you make sure that your child has a suitable PE kit to use. Both an indoor and outdoor PE kit is recommended at this time of year.  



Topic homework will be posted below. Each week there will be Reading and Maths homework as well as the ongoing reading logs. These will be due every Friday. 

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Celebration Awards

 Every week we celebrate our achievements in school. Below will be a gallery of all of our happy pupils with their celebration awards. We have lots to be proud of!


The adults in are class are:

Our class rules are:


Transition Week 

During transition week we are completing work based on the book Tuesday.

During the second lesson we started thinking about what would happen if the frogs flew over Barnsley. We wrote stories from the frogs perspective and described all the wonderful things they would see and do in Barnsley. 

In our first lesson we summarised the story of Tuesday in storyboards. We watched a video about Tuesday and then had to decide what the main parts were for ourselves. Jess said that it was fun! During the lesson we decided whether the story was fiction or non fiction, we all agreed that it was fiction because frogs can't fly.


In our maths lessons we believe children learn best through a mix of concrete apparatus, pictorial representations and abstract problems. All topics incorporate each aspect to support our pupils to develop a deeper level of understanding. Whilst the hands on, active discussion and mix of tasks try to develop a love of mathematics within our class.

Transition Week

During transition week we are looking at art through mathematics. 

During our second lesson we have been looking at tessellations. We then made art using tiles that we made ourselves. After creating the tile we tessellated it across the page to create pop art. 

Jessica said tessellation involves moving the polygon across the page without leaving gaps or overlapping. 

Alistair explained that the tessellation can look like optical illusions.  

During our first lesson we created modern art, Brody said it looked like pixel art. When we created our own modern art we then did some calculations. We worked out the percentage, fraction and decimal of each colour. Emily said she really enjoyed the session because she liked looking at percentages and seeing which calculations she could do. Hayden said he could tell everyone worked hard in the lesson. Below are examples of some of our work, don't we look proud!


Transition Week 

We are learning lots out about one another in topic this week. We have already discussed what we think a good teacher is like and decided on our own class rules. 

We learnt about some mythical beasts and voted as a class to decide on our own class name. Welcome to the Yeti Class!

In topic we have been learning out about one another. On Tuesday we took part in team bonding games outside. We also created fact files about ourselves that we will turn into a Yeti Class book.

We completed a game of friendship bingo on Wednesday and found out lots of facts about one another that we did not know already. We have found out we really are a talented bunch.