All the children have been working extremely hard this week learning their lines for the Easter performance - keep it up

Dr Seuss - Y4 & Y5

Mr Powell

Dr Seuss class is a mixed year 4/5 class of 33 pupils (15 Year 5 and 18 Year 4). We are very proud of all the work we complete, working together with our peers allowing everyone to achieve their full potential. As a class, we are very creative and imaginative, enjoying participating in drama lessons and practical, hands on maths. Miss Heckler supports us with our literacy work and Mrs Vella supports us with our maths. We value each others opinions and aim to promote a positive learning environment where everyone feels welcome and included.

   Mr Powell        Miss Heckler        Mrs Vella

 Miss Heckler - Classroom Support


Easter Production Costumes

 Please could children wear the following for the Easter production.

All children: Black or grey school trousers.

Narrators: Any coloured plain top.

Disciples: Dark green or dark brown t-shirt.

Judas: Black t-shirt.

Soldiers and Centurion: Red t-shirt.

Choir: White PE t-shirt.

Temple Sellers and Money Changers: Bright, single-coloured top.

Crowd: Grey or brown t-shirt.

Caiaphas and priests: Bright, single-coloured top.

Pontius Pilot: Purple top.

Girl, woman, man in courtyard: Light-coloured top.

Mary Magdalene: Light-coloured dress.


  • Please remember your PE kit every Monday
  • Homework is due in on the week beginning the 19th March (if you have lost your sheet you can find another one at the bottom of this page)
  • The Easter performance is on Wednesday 21st March - please keep practising your lines
  • Parents evening appointments are on Tuesday 20th March and Thursday 22nd March
  • The school closes for Easter on Friday 23rd March


World Book Day

 We didn't let the snow ruin our World Book Day fun, we came to school in our pyjamas and focused on the theme of sharing stories. As part of this, we brought in our favourite story books from home and enjoyed sharing these with our partner class Jill Murphy. We also decorated potatoes, turning them into different book characters as you can see below.

World Maths Day

  As part of this years world Maths we became rockstars and began our mission to learn our times tables and achieve Rock God status. We spent the day working with each other completing various mathematical investigations and completed some artwork looking at different patterns.

Friendship poems

As a class we created friendship poems. Each person write their own line for a poem on the importance of friendship and what makes a true friend. Following this on our tables we put our lines together to make a stanza. We then edited our stanzas and compiled them together to make a class poem.


We have been using the book Varjak Paw within our literacy lessons to inspire our writing. So far we have explored the different characters and themes of the book using different drama techniques. We have then used this to write a diary entry as Varjak Paw and a newspaper article explaining the mysterious 'Vanishings' that have been happening throughout the city. Throughout this unit, we have really enjoyed contacting the author S.F. Said on twitter and hearing his thoughts  on our learning.


This week we have been using drama to recreate the 'Seven Ways of Jalal' - can you spot which is which?

Can you recognise which of the Seven Ways of Jalal this is?

Can you recognise which of the Seven Ways of Jalal this is?

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Readers theatre - we performed a description of Sally Bones, a character from Varjak Paw

Readers theatre - we performed a description of Ginger, a character from Varjak Paw

A newspaper article on 'The Vanishings'

A newspaper article on 'The Vanishings'

Here is our conscience alley that we did, acting as Varjak's conscience to advise him on his dilemma - should he stay at home with his family or leave the safety of his home to find a dog and defeat the mysterious gentleman and his sleek black cats?


 In our maths lessons, we combine a mixture of activities involving concrete apparatus, pictorial representations and abstract problem to allow all pupils to deepen their understanding. Below are a few examples of the work we have been conducting over the last half term on shape, angles, direction and area and perimeter.

After measuring the angles using a protractor, we created a set of directions to navigate the car to the hospital

Topic - What's on the menu?

 Our topic for the Spring term is 'What's on the menu?' We have been learning about different food groups as well as where different food comes from. We have researched different foods that are produced locally as well as food miles, investigating how far the items in our pack lunch have travelled. In addition to this, we have look at what makes up a healthy balanced meal and we carefully analysed the school lunch menu before designing our own version. Finally, we have been designing our own restaurants and we created some adverts for them which can be seen below.

Fancy trying a new Italian restaurant?

How about Ninja Chef? An all variety restaurant for adults and children?

Or Restaurant Italiano?