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Reading Leaders


Throughout this academic year, 16 pupils in Year 5 and Year 2 have been selected to be Reading Leaders and Reading Partners respectively. Each pupil in Year 5 has been partnered with a pupil from Year 2 and they carry out two weekly reading sessions which they plan themselves.  

Reading Leaders is run by the charity Beanstalk and is designed to support Key Stage 2 pupils develop the skills required to become effective role models, providing one to one support for Key Stage 1 pupils which then results in improved reading and confidence.  

In order to support the pupils with this, they received one full days training carried out by a Reading Matters tutor and now have continuing support on a weekly basis from Mr Powell.

The common benefits of Reading Leaders are:

  • Increased confidence and leadership
  • Improved range of expression and ability to explain
  • Increased sense of responsibility and social awareness
  • Improved fluency and accuracy in reading
  • Greater engagement with a wider range of books and other texts
  • An acceptable new start for children who have missed early steps in literacy
  • Improved presentation and clarity of writing
  • Genuine enjoyment and sense of purpose
  • Growth in independent learning and skills for the future.

To find out more about the aims of the programme and the key values please visit the website:

Since starting the programme we have seen a fantastic response from all pupils involved, we truly believe it is developing reading skills and enhancing social skills.

Quote from Mr Powell:

“The pupils’ attitude and commitment is fantastic. All pupils are taking their roles extremely seriously and take great pride in the work they do. This is then reciprocated when they meet with their Reading Partner and they truly are acting as role models, supporting their partner and fostering a love of reading as can be seen from the pictures below.”