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Welcome to Mapplewell Primary School. School is open to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupil from 1 June 2020

Mapplewell Primary School.

We provide excellence in learning; encourage a growth mindset
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Houses and House Points


What are houses and house points?

House points form part of the whole school reward system.

House points encourage a team ethos across the school and allow pupils of all ages to have a common goal.

Every pupil, from Reception to Year 6, are sorted into one of the four house. The four houses are based on the continents:





Each house is represented by a colour (brown, red, white and blue) and is displayed in the school hall.


How are house points earned?

House points are give out for a variety of reasons. For example: politeness, positive behaviour, demonstrating a caring attitude towards peers, working to their best ability, good attendance, putting special effort into a piece of work, neatly presented work, positive attitude towards work, sporting events and taking part in competitions and representing their house or school.

Reward jars contain the 4 house colours, if the whole class is rewarded then 4 cubes (one of each colour) will be added to the jar. If a pupil receives a reward for an individual achievement, then the cube added to the jar is to correspond with their individual house colour.

Rewarding House Points

At the end of each term, house points are added up and the winning house will be rewarded the house cup (with the house colour ribbon attached). In addition, house captains will hold a house meeting where pupils will then decide on their reward. Rewards such as; non-uniform day for the winning house or time off the curriculum.

At the end of each school year there will be a presentation of the house cup to the overall winners and a reward.

Pupils will have opportunities throughout the year to meet as a house (a house assembly) to discuss and organise possible competitive events and activities.

House days will take place throughout the year.

House Captains

All teachers and teaching assistants have been allocated to a house and one adult has been nominated to become the adult house captain.

The adult house captains are:

Mrs Dry (Africa)

Mr Hart (Asia)

Mr Garood (Antarctica)

Mrs Wilkinson (Europe)

Houses also require Year 5 pupils to become house captains (2 per house).

House captains are expected to:

  • Encourage positive behaviour from their house by being excellent role models
  • Collect and count house points
  • Help organise events, activities and reward days
  • Organise house competitions
  • Be a buddy to younger children in their house
  • propose and represent ideas from their house ideas that will improve the House System

Our First House Day




House Points

Africa                463   

Asia                   483

Antarctica         506    

Europe              455