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Welcome to Mapplewell Primary School.

Mapplewell Primary School.

We provide excellence in learning; encourage a growth mindset
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Lemony Snicket - Y5 & Y6

Welcome to Lemony Snicket Class...

We are a friendly class of 32 pupils; 13 Year 5 pupils and 19 Year 6 pupils. In our class Mr Hart and Mrs Reynolds support us everyday to learn new, fun and exciting things.  We try our best to create a happy learning environment, in which everybody's opinions and ideas are appreciated. We often work with our learning partners and support each other in our learning!


Mr Hart                              Mrs Reynolds


Sports Day

What a day we had!  Long jump... high jump... triple jump... relay... we did it all!  Take a look at our photos to see how much we enjoyed it!


Our Year 6s have been trying solve a difficult maths problem in order to help Mr Lunn...


He has been asked to plant 10 trees on the playground.  The trees have to be in five rows, and each row must contain 4 trees.  Here's how they got on...

Making our own gas mask boxes

In Literacy, we watched a variety of video clips, looked at photographs, researched facts and listened to audio clips about the Blitz in WWII.  We then collected facts and vocabulary used the describe the Blitz, which we then up-levelled using our thesaurus skills.  Using this vocabulary we wrote our own detailed, descriptive sentence to decorate our own gas mask boxes.  Take a look at our masterpieces!

Literacy - World War 2

So far this term we have been reading the book Goodnight Mister Tom.  Through reading this story we have built a picture up of the two main characters Tom and William.  We then focused on how civilians during the war time would have felt when war was declared; we looked at the views of  a 17 year old boy, a young child and a wife and mother.  Here is some of our work!

World Maths Day

We participated in lots of challenging and enjoyable activities as part of World Maths Day.  We used logical thinking and our problem solving skills to solve a variety of problems.  We combined maths and art to create Sierpinski triangles and parabolic curves!  Here are some of our creations...

Snow Day!

Literacy - Sweet Shop Description

As part of our Literacy and Language unit we have enjoyed reading the short story Brashem's Tortoise which takes place in a sweet shop in 1938.  This inspired use to write our on description of a sweet shop.  Through the use of images and video clips we used our senses to develop mind-maps in order to collect descriptive vocabulary.  We then used sentence spirals to up-level our sentences, before writing our final descriptions.

 Year 6 Maths

The Year 6s of Lemony Snicket have were busy last have term learning about different aspects of geometry.  First of all we investigated reading and plotting coordinates in all for quadrants on a coordinates grid.  When then challenged ourselves to draw 2D shapes, and then reflect and translate them on a coordinates grid.  We then learned about angles, by investigating the angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.  We have also leaned how to calculate the area of triangles and parallelograms.

Each class was challenged by Mrs Dry and Miss Walker to create a video retelling of a story for National Storytelling Week. In Lemony Snicket class we created our own story and used iMovie to record a video of it.

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

General Classroom Information

  • Our class have PE with Mr Strafford on a Monday afternoon, they need to bring their full PE kit.
  • Please remember to bring your water bottle everyday to keep you hydrated. 
  • We would like you to try to read daily at home and enjoy sharing the books you are reading with your family and friends.
  • Year 6 SATS take place on week commencing Monday 14th May 2018.  Further information will follow.


We love to read, so enjoy a book every night.

 Each week collect some excellent vocabulary from your books to share and use in class.   Ensure that you understand the meaning of each of your words.

Year 6 pupils shall receive weekly arithmetic, GPS and reading homework.

Here is this terms Year 5 homework.

Transition Day

Our Year 6 children have had the opportunity to reflect on their lives and their move up to Secondary School, taken part in a craft activity, team building games and a time of discussion based on clips from the early Harry Potter films.  We had a brilliant time!

SATs are over!

Our Year 6 pupils have worked their socks off this week - finally SATs are over!  We celebrated this by having a fun (and wet) afternoon!  We had a wonderful time by having a water fight!

Maths - Revision for SATs

Since coming back after Easter, we have been revisiting and revising maths topics.  We have worked hard when applying long-multiplication and long-division to solve difficult calculations.  We have also used BODMAS to sufficiently solve complex calculations!

British Science Week

For British Science Week we have had lots of fun investigating different areas of science.  We investigated which colours can be found in black ink, and produced our own chromatography artwork.  We also investigated the chemical reaction when milk is mixed with vinegar to make 'plastic milk'.

World Book Day

Our theme for World Book Day was 'bedtime stories', so we dressed up in our pyjamas!  We participated in lots of activities; we painted and decorated potatoes so they looked like our favourite book characters!  At the end of the day, we enjoyed sharing stories with Year 2 children while drinking hot chocolate!

Weather and Climate

As part of our topic, we were given a letter about an upcoming expedition to the Antarctic.  In order to prepare for this, used atlases to locate the continents and thought about which continents we would fly over in order to get to the Antarctic.  We then researched what we would need to take on our journey and the Year 5's produced their own information booklet.  We have also produced some fantastic homework showcasing our knowledge of the Antarctic. 



Our Year 6 pupils have started their work linked to plants. This was their first lesson, where they focused on parts of plants. More work will follow soon...


As Year 5 & 6 pupils, we were lucky enough to visit Robinwood for the weekend.  At Robinwood, we participated in lots of exciting yet challenging activities which helped us develop our communication and team work skills such as climbing, trapeze and crate challenge.  We also developed our problem solving skills by participating in Quest, the Dungeon and Piranha Pool.  It was a wonderful weekend!