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Welcome to Terry deary’s class page. We hope you enjoy looking at what we are learning about! 

Terry Deary - Y3 & Y4

Please keep coming back to our page as we would love to share our new learning with you!

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PE- Our PE is on Monday and Tuesday. Please can you make sure that your child has a suitable PE kit to use. Both an indoor and outdoor PE kit is recommended at this time of year.  

Swimming lessons-  Swimming is on a Tuesday for Year 3.

Brass- Year 4 have brass lessons on Wednesdays.


Class Assembly

We hope you enjoyed our class Assembly. We worked very hard to learn all of our lines and actions! We had lots of fun sharing ideas for the assembly and worked together to support one another. 

Our class consists of 31 pupils; 20 Year Three pupils and 11 Year Four pupils. In our class Miss Clark support us everyday to learn new, fun and exciting things. Mrs Sharpe and Mrs Heckler also support us in our learning. Sometimes other adults pop in to help us out and we welcome their support in our learning journey. In Deary Class we support and respect one another and know that we are a team. In class we often work in our learning partners using cooperation and communication to learn with one another. We are always up for a challenge, our class motto is: 


We are a very resilient class and are determined to do our very best!


Summer Term 2

Please complete the creative topic project for the start of Summer Term 2, the other projects can be completed during the term. 


Summer Term 2

During this term we will be looking at myths and legends. 


Week 1

1st Week- We started the week by researching myths and legends.We found of that Aristotle was one of the most famous philosophers of the time.We also found out about Greek Gods including; Epimethius, Prometheus and Zeus (the King of Gods and Sky). We have looked at Pandora's box, we had a box of our own that had sweets in. We finished the week by writing our own endings to Pandora's Box. We predicted what could be in Pandora's box, Isabelle thought that a ruby red diamond ring might be inside, Oliver thought there might be a unicorn, Millie thought there could be jewels and Ava thought there might be a blue tribal genie. 


Week 2

During this week we learnt what was in Pandora's Box, fours evils and hope. We  talked about how to represent fears and hope and as a group then created an illustration to depict this. We all worked hard as a team a listened to one another. 

Week 3

We created balanced arguments this week based on whether Pandora should open her box or not. We came up with lots of reasons and came to the final conclusion that Pandora probably shouldn't have opened the box. 


Week 4

This week during literacy we have researched creatures from Greek Myths and legends and found out that a lot are made from lots of different animals. We then created our own monsters. 

Week 5

This week we have writing up our character descriptions for our mythical creatures. We have made some lovely descriptions with powerful adjectives. Year 3 also made models of the mystical monsters while year 4 practised their musical performance. 

Week 6

During this week we have learnt more about Theseus and the Minotaur, we had lots of fun acting out the tale. As you can probably see we took some artistic liberty with the tale. 

We created monster masks, they were fearsome!

Summer Term 1


During our seventh week we created our own pages for Journey. We described our lost pages and then created poetry based on them.

During our sixth week we have been looking at diary entries. We all worked on diaries for the soldiers from Journey. Before independently planning and writing entries of our own. 

During our fourth and fifth week we used the information we collected to write our own non-chronological reports about our Countries. We learnt so many facts and our work was presented so neatly. 

During our third week we have started looking at non-chronological reports.  We have been brilliant at identifying features from example texts, now we will be using them in our writing about different Countries. 

During the second week of Journey we have been looking at adjectives and adverbs. We have been describing our character and possible locations. Our final pieces will be fantastic at this rate!

This term we have enjoyed looking at Journey, a picture book. We have made some fantastic predication and inferred lots from the pages. During the first week the children enjoyed watching the books trailer, this inspired them to make their own trailers. 

Spring Term 2

In English we have been using the book Varjak Paw by SF Said within our lessons to inspire our writing. We have explored the characters, themes and settings and used this to help us understand how authors create their work, supporting us in our writing. One way we explored the different characters and themes was through different drama techniques.

 Here we are freeze framing the characters from Varjak Paw. How do you think each character is feeling about  Varjak?

From this we created a diary for Varjak Paw and a newspaper article about the ‘Vanishings’.  We have been using an app called Seesaw to share ideas between our class, Roald Dalh class and Dr Seuss Class. As well as this, we have been very excited to have the opportunity to contact the author S.F. Said on twitter, who was very pleased to hear about how much we are enjoying Varjak Paw.

National Storytelling Week

Each class was challenged by Mrs Dry and Miss Walker to create a video retelling of a story for National Storytelling Week. Terry Deary class we chose to retell one of our favourite stories, 'Varjak Paw'.

Bright Sparks

During Summer Term 2 we will be learning all about electricity. 


Week 1

We have been learning about how lights work. We have sorted facts into true and false and started designing electronic equipment. Miss Clark has been very impressed with all the children that have brought homework in. We have had some brilliant models. Well done!


Week 2

During week two we made electrical safety posters and learnt about the dangers of electricity. we also did an investigation in tables where we were given circuit components and had to work out how to make a working circuit. We named each component and stated their job and investigated what happened if we added multiple bulbs and/or cells. 


Week 3

During the third week of term Terry Deary class have spent lots of their time practising our class assembly. It's been very busy! On Thursday Year 4 went on a music trip to perform. So Year 3 joined up to have their very own lesson.

After out RSPCA assembly we were given the brief to make a new electronic product for a pet that would meet one of their needs. We were very creative and worked as teams to make a variety of amazing products. 

During week 4 we spent all of our spare time practising for our class assembly. 

Week 5- We have looked at conductors and insulators and tested classroom equipment to see if they conducted electricity. 


Week 6- During this week we have been doing lessons to prepare us for next year. We have also had the opportunity to watch the year 6 production and the music production.


While Year 3 have been at swimming Year 4 pupils have been enjoying art lessons. We first explored different types of lines.

After these sessions we enjoyed creating our very own sculptures.

During the fifth week we went outside to practise our observation drawing skills while looking at nature. 

In week 6 we have started designing mobile cots. We first researched existing models then created four of our own. From that we picked a winning design and decided what materials it would be made from. 

During week 7 we created our cot mobiles. We have had lots of fun!

The Nature of Life

In topic Terry Deary class have begun looking at the Nature of Life. We have already had some fantastic homework come in looking at life cycles and food chains. 

During the first week we have looked at processes that all living things do, after researching MRS GREN we designed a page explaining the life processes. We have also been very excited to visit the ducks and chicks in KS1 and Early Years and learn about how they grow from eggs. 

During our second week we have enjoyed looking at life cycles and spending some time outside the classroom applying our knowledge of life process. We managed to find lots of objects that were living and non living and got to enjoy the sun at the same time!

During our third week we looked at food chains and life cycles. We all worked hard to classify animals into the different groups.

During the fourth week we created fact files about an animal of our choice. We had to explain what was special about the animal and why they were part of a particular group.

The fifth week focused on animal adaptations. We have all had the camel adaptation song stuck in our heads, so much that we ended up singing it at the end of our celebration assembly! We looked at how animals were suited to their environment and then created wacky creatures of our own and explained where they would live and why.

During week 6 we started Design and Technology. Our task is to create a birdhouse. So this week we started looking at materials and their properties and explaining why some materials were good for certain jobs. 

During week 6 we started designing bird houses. First, we drew and labelled our designs then we created prototypes using art straws and unifix cubes. 

Science Week

During Science Week Terry, Deary, Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss class have all been investigation reactions. We have been discovering what happens when you change the amount of bicarbonate powder you put into vinegar. The smell in the classroom wasn't pleasant! 

What's On the Menu?

Our topic during Spring term is ‘What's On the Menu?’ Throughout this topic we have looked at where our food is grown; the impact that importing food has on the planet; why it's important to eat a balanced diet; and where would be an ideal location to open up a restaurant. We are very excited to carry on exploring healthy eating and will soon be writing to Barnsley Council to explain the importance of a healthy diet.

As part of 'What's on the Menu' we looked at why food goes off. As part of our learning we planned an experiment looking at how fast bread would go mouldy. 

 Footprints from the Past

Terry Deary class really enjoyed this topic learning all about dinosaurs. We found out so much information; not only about dinosaurs, but also about the people who research dinosaurs- palaeontologists. As part of this topic our class created biographies about Mary Anning, one of the most famous female palaeontologists to date.

Saving the World

In this topic we learning about Rainforests. In particular, deforestation and its impact on the world. We really enjoyed learning about the parts of rainforests, the different animals that live there and how different tribes live.

As part of this topic our class, Dr Seuss Class and Roald Dahl  went to Doncaster Wildlife Park and attended a talk on animal conservation. It was a brilliant day and we learnt so much. We even decided to write letters asking for more money to be given to the Wildlife Park to help more animals.

Music Festival


Summer Term

Please focus on the Creative Topic Task over the Easter holidays.

The Staff in Terry Deary Class

Celebration Awards

 Every week we celebrate our achievements in school. Below is a gallery of all of our happy pupils with their celebration awards. We have lots to be proud of!


In our maths lessons we believe children learn best through a mix of concrete apparatus, pictorial representations and abstract problems. All topics incorporate each aspect to support our pupils to develop a deeper level of understanding. Whilst the hands on, active discussion and mix of tasks try to develop a love of mathematics within our class.


Week 1

This week we have looked at fractions. We have been looking at fractions of amounts. We were looking at fractions of shaded items and fractions of coloured pegs. We really enjoyed finding fractions of skittles. 

Week 2

During the second week we continued looking at fractions. This week we looked at equivilant fractions and created our own fraction walls using cuisenaire rods. 

Year 4 began looking at comparing and ordering decimals to two decimal places. 

Week 3

During the third week year 4 have continued looking at decimals. They independently compared decimal, put them into number lines and solved tricky word problems. 

Year 3 started comparing fractions, we looked at comparing fractions of amounts and shapes. 


Week 4

We have started looking at measurement. We looked at scaling and measurement. We looked at scaling recipes up and down. 

Week 5

At the beginning of this we looked at volume and capacity. 

Kayleigh explained that volume means how much water is in a jug (in maths otherwise it can be the level of noise).

Ashton said that capacity means how much water a jug can hold. 

We measured in ml.

During this week the children have been reading scales and measuring items in class.We have also looked at converting between different measurements. 

Week 6- During this week we have had an outdoor lesson where we had to hunt down questions hidden around the school grounds. We have also completed a variety of maths questions that related to all of the topics we have covered this year. 

Summer Term 1

During the seventh week we looked at reading calendars and Roman Numerals. We had lots of fun making Roman Numeral clocks outside. It was extra difficult with the wind!

During the sixth week we have been looking at time. We explored reading time on analogue and digital clocks, quarter to and quarter past. 

On Friday we had a special investigation that was based on the Royal Wedding. We had to work out who was sat where on a table for the wedding reception as the original list had been lost. Luckily, Buckingham Palace have nothing to worry about because Terry Deary Class have saved the day!

After all of our hard work we learnt a little bit more about the Royal Family and then enjoyed designing Royal Cakes, designing both Royal Outfits and solving multiplication problems that unveiled a secret message. 

During the fifth week we explored word problems using RUCSAC. We answered problems that included all of the operations and moved onto two-step problems. 

During the fourth week we finished looking at money and started answering word problems that involved money. 

During our third week we have begun to look at money. We all enjoyed investigating naming and writing amounts of money. To support our investigation we had a choice to pick any equipment in class to support us. 

During our second week we have begun looking at multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. We have looked at hundredths and tenths and how we represent these as decimals. We are brilliant at counting up in tenths! 

During the week we used place value mats to practically multiply and divide our numbers. 

During our first week at school we have looked at movements. For year three this involved looking at translation. We really enjoyed making shapes in groups and trying to translate them around the class without rotating our shapes. 

Year 3 started by looking at angles as a description of a turn. We all had fun trying to follow our partners instructions turning 90 degrees clockwise and anti clockwise. After this we applied our angles to describe a journey. We finished the week by looking at perimeter, some children even began using decimals to describe how many cm long each side was. 

As well as all our practical activities and book work, each year group has even had time to practise their skills in the ICT suite using mymaths and TTRockstars. 

Spring Term 2

World Maths Day

On World Maths Day Terry Deary class had lots of fun doing a variety of investigations and rocking out using Times Table Rockstars.


Addition and Subtraction

During the second half of Spring term we have started looking at addition and subtraction. In particular, we have looked at using bar models. 



During our topic on statistics we have had lots of fun collecting our own data. During our first lesson we tallied how many bean bags we managed to get into hoops. We then turned this into a bar chart. 

We have also explored pictographs and line graphs. 

Spring Term 1

Over Spring half term we have been exploring Geometry and Measurement. In Geometry we looked at 2D shapes and began comparing and classifying them. We are now whizz's at describing the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals! We also looked at angles and lines of symmetry and really enjoyed completing symmetric figures. In Measurement we covered so many different areas, from reading and converting time, finding area and perimeter of shapes and looking at capacity. We really enjoyed creating our own unique fruit drinks! 


My Maths

 My maths logo

Remember you can access My Maths from home to practise and consolidate learning in the classroom. If you cannot remember your log in details or do not have a working password please ask your class teacher.

Please follow the links below to access these websites.


Reward Time

Each class has a reward jar. Throughout each day, pupils can earn rewards (cubes) to add to their class' jar. When the jar is full, we have 20 minutes of class reward time which is decided by the class from a range of choices. 

Easter Production

This half term we have been practising our Easter production, we had a brilliant time performing in front of parents and careers. Well done to all the boys and girls!


Snow Day

During the second week of Spring Term 2 we had a chilly spell. Terry Deary class made sure that they had lots of fun in the snow before it melted. In class we created acrostic poems about Winter, took part in a snow investigation, coloured Winter scenes and enjoyed a hot chocolate.