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Welcome to Mapplewell Primary School. Inset days Friday 19 July and Monday 2 September.enjoy the summer hoildays.

Mapplewell Primary School

We provide excellence in learning; encourage a growth mindset
in all pupils and promote independence and motivation to succeed.

TrollS Class


Welcome!  We are Trolls


Welcome to the Trolls class. Our class contains two groups of children, 7 KS1 and KS2 children in our AM sessions and 5 KS2 children in our PM Sessions. In Trolls we are a team, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Ward work alongside the children to support them with their social and emotional wellbeing. Our weekly routine consists of lots of communication, snack, circle times, mindfulness, play, team building, games, story time, arts and crafts and relationship building.

We have set this up for all parents to see what we can provide for children at any point within their school life. If you would like to come and see us and learn more we are available until 8:55am every morning and from 3:15pm after school.



Keep checking our page to see what fun things we have been up to!



Show and tell is on Thursday morning, the children are more than welcome to bring in something special to show us. We will keep it safe in Trolls throughout the day.

Spring Term 1

Week 2

World Book Day ... what a fantastic week we have had building up to the day itself.  The Trolls have chosen and drawn pictures of their favourite book. We have talked about why reading is so important and how we read everyday without realising we do it.   We also started to make puppets for each character in The Gruffallo so that we can have our own puppet shows next week.   Of course we all dressed up as characters from books on World Book Day too and looked fantastic!

Cooking Club this week was special because it was a well over-due birthday celebration.  We made Hungarian Langos topped with sour-cream, pepperoni and cheese.  It was good but Mrs Ward needed a little more practice to cook it just right.  However the birthday boy enjoyed sharing his favourite treat with his fellow Trolls.

A lot of the conversations this week in Trolls have been around having a Growth Mindset and positive thinking.  We are working on having a can-do attitude to work and life in general.  Alongside this we have been discussing how our behaviour can affect other people.  We have started to make posters about postive and unwanted behaviour to remind us of school expectations.


Week 1

It's the first week back after the holidays and the Trolls are looking at why we can have sweet treats but not all the time.  This was because Pancake Day was fast approaching.  We talked about the different food groups and how a little of everything is what works best for our bodies.  We also watched a video that explained why eating too much sugar is not good for us. 


In cooking club this week we made Pancakes.  We had worked in pairs to share ingredients and equipment.  We followed step by step instructions to make the pancake batter which included testing our weighing and measuring skills.  The Trolls were definitely up for the challenge as we saw some lovely acts of kindness, good teamwork and communication skills and patience.    Once the pancakes were made we then tried several different toppings and voted on which was our favourite.  There were no prizes for guessing chocolate spread would come first!

Winter Term 1

Week 5

Our theme this week was Chinese New Year and our aim was to improve our listening skills and to be able to follow instructions first time.  We discovered that some of our children already knew lots of information about Chinese New Year and that it was the year of the pig. 

We challenged the children to make lanterns and pigs from paper.  They had either written instructions or watched an adult demonstrate how to do it and then had to remember what to do.  It was quite tricky but some children showed great resilience and patience.  Other children showed their supportive sides and helped their friends too.   We also had a go at writing our names in Chinese.  This was quite tricky too!

In cooking club we tried lots of different Chinese foods like noodles, spring rolls, prawn crackers and sauces.  Yum Yum!

Week 4 

This week we based our reading and art work on the book "Aliens Love Underpants".  Most children loved the book and told us it was funny and they liked the alien pictures.  The focus this week has been on listening and following simple instructions.  Everyone could answer questions about the book as they listened really carefully.  Later in the week we made aliens in their spaceships from paper plates.  The children had listen to the instructions of how to make the spaceship, then use their imaginations to draw their own alien and decorate their spaceship.  


Cooking Club this week was banana breakfast lollies. We followed step by step instructions, worked together in pairs, patiently waited to share the ingredients and helped each other when it got tricky.  The lollies were also delicious and healthy too!

Week 3

Our art work this week was based on our "Giraffes Cant Dance" book.  We used different painting techniques to make giraffe decorations for our classroom.  Lots of children used dotting the paint to create the giraffes spots and tissue paper to make them tactile.  


Show and Tell is fantastic!  Jack read out loud to the whole group.  He was so confident and proud.  We all just wanted to listen to more and more.  Brilliant Jack.  Decan showed us the pictures that people had drawn of him when he was playing in the school role play area.  


We have been spending time reading on our own and with our friends  in the camping out reading corner.  Bence really loved listening to his buddy Harry reading to him!  Ava was exploring maps of other countries too.


Week 2

This week we read the book "Giraffes Can't Dance" and talked about the main themes of the book - that we are all unique!  We talked a lot about what makes us all unique and that if we try our hardest we can achieve anything!  

 We made porridge and granola pots in cooking club and added healthy extras such as fresh fruit and honey.  We had to follow very precise instructions using our good listening skills.  We used lots of different cooking skills that we are practicing in cooking club.  The results were delicious!  We were also very proud of the children who tried new foods this week too!

The afternoon children are preparing to return to class full time from next week.  Therefore we have been looking at how to tackle new or tricky situations.  We have been talking about developing a Growth Mindset to help us keep positive and look for solutions to problems.  The children were great of thinking of real-life situations they may face and how a Growth Mindset could help them.

Week 1 

 Happy New Year! 

This week there have been some changes in Trolls to our daily routine but we are all happy to be back with our friends at school.  This week in cooking club we made individual chocolate mug cakes.  The children listened really carefully to the instructions and did a great job measuring out all the ingredients.  We all crowded round the microwave when they were cooking to see them rise up above the top of our mugs.  They smelled delicious!

Our children also learned how to do a high intensity workout based on animal movements.  This is a useful technique to help us to calm down when we are upset and to burn off excess energy.


On Friday we saw the return of Show and Tell because lots of children wanted to bring in favourite toys they got for Christmas.  Also Matthew told us about his exiting visit to the police station where he got police car squashies. 

Our topic this term is Autumn and This is Us.

Autumn Term 2

From everyone in Trolls we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

This is the morning children singing and Makaton signing Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer!

Week 7 

Trolls has been like Santa's workshop this week!  We have been working hard to finish our Christmas Cards, calendars and other Christmas crafts ready to take home on the last day of term.

We have taken part in our class parties with partner classes and had a party of our own in Trolls.  There were party foods and games galore!  Ernie the Elf hid candy canes around the classroom for everyone to find and he joined us for our Christmas Party Snack.  We played the "This or That" game and musical statues.  Who knew that the Trolls had such great dance moves!  We also had a guest join us for our afternoon party celebrations...William.  Everyone really enjoyed his company!


Week 6

It has been a Christmasy kind of week this week.  We have started to make the most amazing 3D Christmas card to take home to our families.  They look were really tricky but with a lot of resilience and patience everyone's cards are looking fantastic already.

Ernie the Elf has been enjoying all the Christmas parties and Christingle services at church this week.  He has been giving the children challenges to complete too!


We have also been finishing the seasonal pictures to go on our calendars.  The children have shown great focus and concentration to carefully paint each tree using the appropriate colours for each season. 


On cooking day we had 2 extra visitors: Mrs Wilkinson and Miss Walker.   They enjoyed joining us to make Christmas strawberry cheesecakes.  Everyone followed every instruction carefully, shared cooking club rules with our visitors, shared ingredients patiently and negotiated who was going to do which task.  The cheesecakes were a healthy version but we agreed the unhealthy versions were much more tasty!

Week 5

This has been an exciting week.  We have opened the new school role play area and everyone has been enjoying it!  Wow... there are some really bossy budding teachers! 


An elf arrived in class through a magical elf door this week.  He has been appearing all around the room and joining in our snack.  He looks each day to see who has the best snack etiquette so that he knows who to sit with the next day.


We have started making our calendars to take home for our families.  We have chosen a seasonal tree theme and they are already looking fantastic. 


On cooking day we made Christmas trifles!  We used different types of equipment to whip the cream by hand and voted on which we thought was the best.  The whisks lost out to an old fashioned wooden spoon!  Although there were lots of instructions to follow and layers to make, the children did extremely well and the trifles were delicious. Lots of the children tried food they had never tried before too!

Week 4

This week we have started to look forward to the Christmas period and begun to decorate our Trolls room.  As a class listened to and followed step by step instructions to make mini Christmas Tree decorations to hang on our tree.  


On cooking day we decided to make snowman skewers to eat at snack time.  We had to follow both verbal and written instructions to collect all the ingredients and to build the snowman.  There was some  super listening and the snowmen were delicious!

We have also been spending time enjoying quiet time in our camping reading area together.  We love to choose books, maps, newspapers and magazines to read and share with each other.  Quiet reading time really helps us to relax our minds and bodies!


When all our friends joined us on Friday we spent lots of times learning to play games together with good sportsmanship and respect for each other.  This also gave us time to build up our friendships with each other.

Week 3

This was an exciting week for Trolls because we welcomed a new pupil who has joined our school.  His name is Olly and we have loved having him in our class!

We started this week by reading Pumpkin Soup as a class.  All our children used their fantastic quiet sitting, looking and listening skills to be able to answer questions about the story and to ask their own questions too!   We then talked about the different foods  and made a list that we could use to make a soup of our own! 

So on cooking day we used lots of different kitchen tools to chop, peel and spiralise vegetables after watching a demonstration and following instructions.   Mrs Ward cooked the soup ready for us to taste a different day.  Every single member of trolls tried it too!


On Thursday we had a go at making some emotion monsters.  We had to roll a dice to decide which monster we made and then drew them carefully.  We had lots of discussions about how we thought the monsters were feeling and about times when we might have felt that way too.


Week 2

This week all children in Trolls have been thinking about Anti-bullying Week. We have been thinking about what bullying is, where you get bullied, what to do if you are bullied, what a bully looks like and how a bully feels. We have also had conversations about how we would feel if we were bullied.

We made play dough as part of our cooking session and then used the play dough to create a model of what a bully looks like.

We followed step by step instructions and worked together when we found things difficult. We had to show resilience as the play dough did not turn out how we wanted it to at first.

The children thoroughly enjoyed relating to and listening to personal experiences and creating their own model.

Week 1

This week all children in Trolls have been focusing on starting portraits of ourselves. We are making sure we look at the features on our faces by using mirrors and photos.

We are learning to take our time and concentrate.

Autumn Term 1

Our morning children's poem is officially on the display board. We are very proud of their input, writing and presentation. More importantly, their team work and positive support for each other was incredible!

Our afternoon children spent time playing board games together today 18.10.18. We were working on strengthening our sportsmanship and strategy skills.

Our new role play area is officially open...its the Trolls Post Office! We are already having lots of fun playing together. Even Mrs Ward was making sure she got the right parcel delivered.

On Thursdays in our AM sessions we are learning to try new foods and cook without using a cooker or hob. Today 18.10.18, we have made wrap pizzas, we used pepperoni (from Poland), chorizo, gammon, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and spring onion. We spread the tomato puree and chopped our own ingredients. We were even allowed to eat them in the staff room. Yummy!

Today 15.10.18, we have thought of lots of ideas and words associated with Autumn and turned them into a poem. We worked together as a team and helped each other out with ideas.