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Welcome to Mapplewell Primary School. Unicorn and Hippogriff class parties are on Thursday 13th December 2018. Children in these classes are welcome to wear party clothes on this day.

Mapplewell Primary School

We provide excellence in learning; encourage a growth mindset
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TrollS Class


Welcome!  We are Trolls


Welcome to the Trolls class. Our class contains two groups of children, 7 KS1 and KS2 children in our AM sessions and 5 KS2 children in our PM Sessions. In Trolls we are a team, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Ward work alongside the children to support them with their social and emotional wellbeing. Our weekly routine consists of lots of communication, snack, circle times, mindfulness, play, team building, games, story time, arts and crafts and relationship building.

We have set this up for all parents to see what we can provide for children at any point within their school life. If you would like to come and see us and learn more we are available until 8:55am every morning and from 3:15pm after school.

Parents Evening Letter December 2018


Keep checking our page to see what fun things we have been up to!



Show and tell is on Friday morning, the children are more than welcome to bring in something special to show us. We will keep it safe in Trolls throughout the day.

Our topic this term is Autumn and This is Us.

Autumn Term 2

Week 4

This week we have started to look forward to the Christmas period and begun to decorate our Trolls room.  As a class listened to and followed step by step instructions to make mini Christmas Tree decorations to hang on our tree.  


On cooking day we decided to make snowman skewers to eat at snack time.  We had to follow both verbal and written instructions to collect all the ingredients and to build the snowman.  There was some  super listening and the snowmen were delicious!

We have also been spending time enjoying quiet time in our camping reading area together.  We love to choose books, maps, newspapers and magazines to read and share with each other.  Quiet reading time really helps us to relax our minds and bodies!


When all our friends joined us on Friday we spent lots of times learning to play games together with good sportsmanship and respect for each other.  This also gave us time to build up our friendships with each other.

Week 3

This was an exciting week for Trolls because we welcomed a new pupil who has joined our school.  His name is Olly and we have loved having him in our class!

We started this week by reading Pumpkin Soup as a class.  All our children used their fantastic quiet sitting, looking and listening skills to be able to answer questions about the story and to ask their own questions too!   We then talked about the different foods  and made a list that we could use to make a soup of our own! 

So on cooking day we used lots of different kitchen tools to chop, peel and spiralise vegetables after watching a demonstration and following instructions.   Mrs Ward cooked the soup ready for us to taste a different day.  Every single member of trolls tried it too!


On Thursday we had a go at making some emotion monsters.  We had to roll a dice to decide which monster we made and then drew them carefully.  We had lots of discussions about how we thought the monsters were feeling and about times when we might have felt that way too.


Week 2

This week all children in Trolls have been thinking about Anti-bullying Week. We have been thinking about what bullying is, where you get bullied, what to do if you are bullied, what a bully looks like and how a bully feels. We have also had conversations about how we would feel if we were bullied.

We made play dough as part of our cooking session and then used the play dough to create a model of what a bully looks like.

We followed step by step instructions and worked together when we found things difficult. We had to show resilience as the play dough did not turn out how we wanted it to at first.

The children thoroughly enjoyed relating to and listening to personal experiences and creating their own model.

Week 1

This week all children in Trolls have been focusing on starting portraits of ourselves. We are making sure we look at the features on our faces by using mirrors and photos.

We are learning to take our time and concentrate.

Autumn Term 1

Our morning children's poem is officially on the display board. We are very proud of their input, writing and presentation. More importantly, their team work and positive support for each other was incredible!

Our afternoon children spent time playing board games together today 18.10.18. We were working on strengthening our sportsmanship and strategy skills.

Our new role play area is officially open...its the Trolls Post Office! We are already having lots of fun playing together. Even Mrs Ward was making sure she got the right parcel delivered.

On Thursdays in our AM sessions we are learning to try new foods and cook without using a cooker or hob. Today 18.10.18, we have made wrap pizzas, we used pepperoni (from Poland), chorizo, gammon, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and spring onion. We spread the tomato puree and chopped our own ingredients. We were even allowed to eat them in the staff room. Yummy!

Today 15.10.18, we have thought of lots of ideas and words associated with Autumn and turned them into a poem. We worked together as a team and helped each other out with ideas.