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Welcome to Mapplewell Primary School. Unicorn and Hippogriff class parties are on Thursday 13th December 2018. Children in these classes are welcome to wear party clothes on this day.

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This club is for Key Stage 2 pupils interested in taking part in fun maths activities. The pupils have helped Mrs Fleming to decide what activities to do each week.

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 Week 4

We have had lots of fun this week in maths club. Word had spread that we are using the Computing Suite this half term and lots of pupils decided to join us. We used TTRockstars to practice our times tables and MyMaths to play lots of different maths games. Mrs Fleming was delighted by how many children beat their score on TTrockstars. Maddison's increased from 17 to an amazing 31 - well done Maddison! Some pupils chose to practice what they had been learning in class. Brodie did fantastically well with adding fractions with different denominators and showed resilience when the questions got tricky. Keep up the good work Brodie!

Here are two maths puzzles for you to try at home. Don't forget to practice your times tables. If you have lost your log-in, please see Mrs Fleming or your class teacher.

 Week 4 Maths Puzzle Dress Addy.docxDownload
 Week 4 Maths Puzzle Time.docxDownload
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Autumn 2 Week 3

This week the focus of maths club has changed slightly to incorporate some games on the iPads and computers. We are still practicing our Sudoku skills and some of us are spotting the patterns very quickly now. We decided to play games on TTRockstars and My Maths. Have you remembered to use these at home? If you have lost your log-in, ask your teacher for it.

Autumn 1

Autumn 1 Week 8

We have enjoyed the cube challenges so much that we decided we would like one more. Have a look at this week's challenge and think about how you would complete it. We have had lots of fun building the models using multi-link cubes.

We are also enjoying the weekly Sudoku challenge and are beginning to spot patterns and reason about where the numbers can and can't go.

 Autumn 1.8.docxDownload
 Week 8 Creating Cubes.docxDownload
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Autumn 1 Week 7

Following on from last week, we decided to stick to activities linked to cubes. We completed a different activity where we had to use our visualisation skills to complete the task. Look at the challenge below. Would you be able to build the models? We followed the instructions to build the models and then we checked them with our partners.

 Autumn 1 Week 7 Challenge.docxDownload
 Autumn 1.7 Sudoku.docxDownload
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Autumn 1 Week 6

This week the pupils at maths club wanted to complete an investigation so Mrs Fleming found one that linked to cubes. The pupils had lots of fun exploring the activity using multi-link cubes. Download the task and see if you can spot any patterns. If you do, can you explain what you have found? The pupils also completed the Sudoku task. Some of them are really getting the hang of this now and are identifying where to place the numbers quickly by looking for patterns in columns, rows and boxes.

 Autumn 1.6.docxDownload
 Challenge Autumn 1.6.docxDownload
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