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Welcome to Mapplewell Primary School.

Mapplewell Primary School

We provide excellence in learning; encourage a growth mindset
in all pupils and promote independence and motivation to succeed.


Our Ethos for Art

Art gives pupils at Mapplewell Primary School the opportunity to be creative and develop their skills using a range of media and materials. Pupils learn skills of drawing, painting, printing, collage, textiles, 3D work and digital art, as well as exploring and evaluating ideas. These skills are applied to their cross-curricular topics, allowing pupils to use their art skills to reflect on and explore topics in greater depth; for example, by sketching historical artefacts in detail, or researching geographical locations to support their work on landscape painting. Within Literacy, pupils are provided with opportunities to create settings from their stories allowing them to fully visualise what they are writing about. A clear example of this is from the lighthouse artwork undertaken by Year 6 pupils to go alongside their fantastic descriptive writing.

Furthermore, many areas of art link with mathematical ideas. Pupils use artwork when exploring pattern and algebra or when reconstructing 3-d design. This practical element of mathematics makes lessons accessible to all learning styles and support pupils with their visualisation as well as developing art skills.

Pupils study the lives and works of a range of famous artists, reading and writing biographies of the great artists and comparing works of art. 

In art pupils are expected to be reflective and critically evaluate their work and the work of their peers, thinking about how they can make changes and keep improving. Pupils are encouraged to take risks and experiment, and then reflect on why some ideas and techniques are successful or not for a particular project.


Please click on the link below to view art overviews for each key stage:


 Keys Stage One Art Curriculum Objectives

Lower Key Stage 2 Art Curriculum Objectives

Upper Key Stage 2 Art Curriculum Objectives