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Mapplewell Primary School.

We provide excellence in learning; encourage a growth mindset
in all pupils and promote independence and motivation to succeed.


Paper copies of these documents are available upon request from the school office. 


Breakfast Club Letter

Key Worker Letter 

SMSA Letter

 Nursery Letter 

Coronavirus Update - Lockdown approach to Learning

  Prevention of school bubble closure

Year 4 Swimming letter

Year 4 swimming ability Form

Class 8 Letter 

Christmas Tree Festival Cancelled

Black Lives Matter Letter for Class 9 and 10

 Year 2 Expectations Parent Workshop

 Year 3 and 4 Timestable Parent Workshop

  Christmas Colouring Competition  

Phonics Workshop For Y1

Class 8 Letter

Updated Dinner Menu Week 1

Updated Dinner Menu Week 2

All School Covid Letter

Calendar 2020-21

Parents Evening Letter

Emergency Contact Form 2020


Year 1 Phonics Workshop -

Christmas at Mapplewell primary school -

Autumn Term 1- 2019 -

Autumn Term 2- 2019-

Spring Term 1- 2020-

Spring Term 2- 2020 -

Q&A for Parents and Carers -

Summer Term 1- 2020 - 

Meet the Mapplewell Team -

Our Recovery Curriculum Approach

September Newsletter -